How to enable file manager in Vesta

0 5 years ago

Vesta control panel for your VPS and dedicated server is very good choice for both individual and professional users. It is free but some of it’s feature not free like file manager which is most demanded for every type of users. You can see there is some hack suggestions in the web for using this paid feature for free! But ethically it is not such a good idea, think if you are using something which is not yours without consent of the owner and you know that is not free, then what it would be called? So it is recommended not use those hack while Vesta CP file manager’s price is very cheap $3/mo or $28 life time, we suggest you purchase life time license.

So where to buy and how to enable file manager?

Simply you can buy this license key from here, we are selling only life time license.

Now login to your Vesta CP then click on ‘Server‘ in Top header menu, then click on gear icon to configure your server, see below image.

Vesta server configure
Configure Vesta CP

Now scroll down to bottom and see there is a option “Vesta Control Panel Plugins“, expand that like below image,

Now scroll down to option “File Manager“, click drop down and select ‘yes’ to enable it, now you can see there is 2 green button giving you options to buy file manager license key either $3/mo or $28 for life time. Buy any one you like, when you click on green button you would be taken a checkout page for payment and after your payment license key will be deliver to your email address which you used in checkout page. You can also buy Vesta CP file manager’s life time license from us by clicking here. Now input that license key in the license key textbook like below image (in red circle).

After license key input click on save button, now you can see Vesta file manager in header menu.