How to install Softaculous in Vesta CP

0 5 years ago

You know Softaculous is auto installer for 100s of applications for your hosting or server, it is time saving addon for who are frequently installing WordPress, Joomla. prestashop, magento, opencart or apps like these. Vesta CP has built in Softaculous. But by default it is not enabled, if you want to use it you have to manually enable it by yourself.

So where from enable?

Login to your Vesta then go in to server configuration by clicking gear icon like below image.

Vesta server configure

Now scroll down to bottom of the page and find ‘Softaculous’ then click ‘yes‘ from drop down list then save it. See below image.

After save Softaculous installation will be successful if if you have IonCube loader installed on your server, but if you have not IonCube loader installed on your server, you will see an error ” ionCube Loader is not loaded. Please enable it to continue installationError“.

ionCube loader error

In this situation you have to enable ionCube loader for Vesta, to do that login to your server’s SSH as root user then type below command


Now type

service httpd restart

Now enable Softaculous from Vesta server configuration again, the ionCube error should go now.