How to install Vesta CP

0 5 years ago

Trying to install Vesta CP on you server? Here is a simple guide to help you do that. You can install Vesta on 3 Linux distribution Cent OS, Debian and Ubuntu. First choose your distribution then follow below steps.

Where to start?

First login to your server SSH. Then update your Linux by typing

For Cent OS

yum update

For Ubuntu and Debian

apt-get update

It could take few minutes to update your Linux distro. When update done install ‘screen‘ by typing ‘yum install screen‘ in Cent OS and ‘apt install screen‘ in Ubuntu and Debian server, so in case you disconnected from server while Vesta installer running your installation will not break, it will continue in server. So now type

curl -O 

then type


Now copy below full command and paste in your SSH window by right click on that, then press enter.

bash --nginx yes --apache yes --phpfpm no --named yes --remi yes --vsftpd yes --proftpd no --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --exim yes --dovecot yes --spamassassin yes --clamav yes --softaculous yes --mysql yes --postgresql no --hostname --email [email protected] --password your-password-here 

Don’t forget to replace ‘‘, with your desired hostname, ‘[email protected]‘ with your email address and ‘your-password-here‘ with your password from above command before copy paste.

Now installation should ask you for final confirmation like below image.

Vesta installation begin screen

Type ‘y’ then press enter.

Now your installation should began, be patient and wait until it finish and show you admin login details in the installation window, When you get that simply reboot your server by typing ‘reboot‘ so every services of your new Vesta CP installation could take effect. If you are looking for better performer for your Vesta CP installation check this article, why could be best choice for Vesta CP.