How to add website in Virtualmin

0 5 years ago

This article explain you how to add your first website in Virtualmin. Please read carefully and see images to realize how to proceed. First login to your Virtualmin control panel at https://yourIP:10000 then follow below steps.

Click on ‘create virtual server’ , see below image for location of create link.

Now you should have another page like below image.

Adding your domain in Virtualmin for hosting

Type your domain name in domain name box, then type or generate your password, this will be FTP and default mail password too. Then keep ‘Server configuration template’ default, then select ‘Account Plan’ this is like package with disk space, bandwidth etc, you can create your own plans under System Settings>Account Plans, see red circle in left menu column.

Now there is few more options like ‘Advanced options’, ‘Enabled features’ and ‘IP address and forwarding’ you can enable disable your desired options but keeping default settings is good for avoid any possible conflict if you don’t know what you are doing. Now click one yellow button ‘Create Server’, after few moments Virtualmin should create all related services for your domain like email, ftp, web spaces, DNS records and more. You can now point your domain using ‘A’ record to your Virtualmin server. You can now upload your website or install WordPress, here is how to install WordPress on your Virtualmin server guide. If you are searching for stable and pre installed Virtualmin servers, you can get it here at