How to install virtualmin on your server

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Virtualmin is Free but powerful control panel to manage your servers. If you like to use it, we have pre installed plans to feel you easy. Just select you server size and order to get pre installed Virtualmin Webmin server.

What if you want to install it by yourself?

No problem Virtualmin installation is very easy so you can do it by yourself. Please note that if you have 1GB RAM server with Ubuntu or Debian you need to create swap memory to complete installation without error, otherwise if you have Cent OS server then installation wizard will give you option to create swap if you not already have that. You just have to press ‘y’ to. If you have more than 2GB server then you don’t need any swap memory.

The steps

First login to your SSH then update your system by typing

yum update

now install ‘screen‘ to avoid any connection break during installation

yum install screen

now you need to set your server fully qualified hostname, which mean point your domain to your server IP address using ‘A’ record, then add another ‘A’ record with name ‘server’ and point it to your VPS or dedicated server. So you have fully qualified hostname like ‘’.

now set your hostname with below command


now download installer


now type


now start installation


After pressing enter your installation should be began now. Please read carefully on screen dialogs and accept where it needed. When installation completed it will show you Virtualmin URL as or https://yourIP:10000, now login there with your root username and password and setup post installation settings like below. You can now add your domains for hosting. See how to add website in Virtualmin server for hosting.

Virtualmin Post Installation Wizard

Important: Do not enable ‘Preloading of Webmin libraries‘ if your server has only 1GB RAM, otherwise Virtualmin will not load due to out memory error.