How to add your own NS records in Vesta

0 5 years ago

Vesta is very simple, easy and smart control panel for both of your VPS or dedicated server, it is also faster than any other control panel available in the web for free!

In this article we show how you can use your own NS record in Vesta control panel.

Where to start?

First login to your Vesta control panel then click on ‘DNS’ from top menu, now follow as below image.

Click on ‘List 12 Records’ as indicated in above image.

Now scroll down to bottom and see there is 2 NS record, you have to edit both for NS1 and NS2. Click on edit as in above image change ‘’ to ‘’, now save that and back to DNS list then again click on edit for and change that to your then back to DNS list again.

Now click on green + button as shown in below image.

Now in ‘Record box’ type ns1 and in ‘IP or Value’ box type ‘your IP‘ then click on green ‘Add’ button, see below image.

when it show ‘ created successfully’ then again type ns2 in ‘Record box’ and in ‘IP or Value’ box type ‘your IP‘ then click on green ‘Add’ button again, it should say ‘ created successfully’.

One last step in Vesta, click on ‘Packages’ link in top bar menu just right side of Vesta logo, then click on ‘Edit’ inside your package name if you created any custom package yourself, otherwise it should be ‘Default’ package, see below image.

After entering Edit page, scroll down to bottom, then replace and with and

Click on save, now you are done, but still there is another very important step, go into your domain control panel and create 2 child NS with your server IP as and If your domains are in see here for custom nameservers documentation and for see here.