Best servers for Vesta control panel

0 5 years ago

Are you Vesta fan? considering for new installation? Or searching for better VPS? If yes then you are on the right place while we have to show you something which you may be like.

Think what you need?

Speed? Up time? Availability? Reliability? Generally it should be yes for all, then we have all these for you.

What we have acually?

  • We have higher frequency CPUs with guaranteed 3 Ghz+ core speed,
  • Super fast NVMe SSD,
  • Free daily backup with one click restoration,
  • free snapshot storage
  • IPv6 support
  • Unique locations
  • 99.99% up time, usually 100%,
  • State of the art data centers in USA, Europe, Asia
  • Friendly support
  • Pre installed Vesta, so you don’t need to install it by your own.

Is’s VPS Really faster?

Yes we think so, while we use latest 3Ghz+ Intel CPU cores and new technology’s NVMe SSD disk which is 3x faster than traditional SSD. See below images. On traditional SSD write speed is 377/MB’s and on NVMe SSD write speed is 1.1 GB/s nearly 3x faster.

DD command to measure server throughput write speed on Traditional SSD
DD command to measure server throughput write speed on NVMe SSD