VPS server in global locations

0 5 years ago

Servers9.com offering virtual private server in global locations. Upto 9 locations in USA, 5 locations in Europe & UK, 5 locations in Asia & Australia.

Which cities in USA?

We offer high performance SSD VPS in 10 USA cities Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Los Ageles, New York, Seattle, Sillicon Vally, San Francisco and in San Jose. We also offer both Windows and Linux VPS in Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

Which Cities in Europe?

In Europe and UK we have 5 cities available Amsterdam in The Netherlands, Frankfurt in Germany, Paris & Roubaix in France and London in UK.

Which Cities in Asia & Australia?

We offer 4 cities in Asia & Australia Tokyo in Japan, Bangalore in India, Singapore and Sydney in Australia.

What virtualization we are using?

We are using KVM virtualization which is most powerful and optional for VPS servers while it isolate server resources for each users.