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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows VPS?

Windows VPS is same as your personal windows based computer, this version running on virtual environment on the web so it is called VPS.

What is RDP?

RDP mean Remote Desktop Protocol which could be connect using internet from your personal computer. It is called remote desktop connection because of you are connecting Windows VPS from your home computer using internet protocol.

What is the differences between Windows VPS and Windows RDP?

Both are same, 2 name of same thing. VPS mean virtual private server and RDP mean remote desktop protocol, you can connect each of your windows VPS using your personal computers ‘Remote desktop connection’ application so your windows VPS could be also called as Windows RDP.

Does all Windows VPS has RDP?

Yes all of our Windows VPS are RDP enabled.

I ordered 55 GB SSD disk VPS but why my drive showing only 25 GB ?

All VPS servers default disk is 25 GB. You have to extend that drive from Windows disk management system to get your full drive space. This is very easy to do, please see this video on how to extend disk space on Windows 10.

How can I order a Windows VPS?

Very simple, just follow this link then choose your package and complete the order process.

How long it take to activate my order?

We usually activate all orders within an hour but sometime it could take several hours. If you have placed an order, don’t worry just wait.

What payment methods you support?

We currently have only payment methods with Cryptocurrency, you can pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In future we will add more payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal etc.

Do you support Paypal payment?

Yes we do.

Do you support Bitcoin lightning network?

Yes we do, you can pay using bitcoin lightning network.

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