Need Reliable VPS for Vesta CP?

For best performance, best up time, worry free daily automatic backup?

Servers9 has the solutions for you while we have latest technology's Intel CPU's and super fast NVMe SSD with 1 Gbps connectivity worldwide and free daily snapshot backup of your full VPS with 1 click restoration.

All Vesta VPS Plans Include

Pre Installed Vesta

Get your server with pre installed Vesta CP, so you don't need to install it manually by yourself.

Global data centers

More than 17 data centers around the world , 9 in USA, 8 in Europe, Asia & Australia.

Control Panel

Advanced Control Panel with VNC Console, Power on/off and RDNS setup.

Automatic Snapshot Backups

Free automatic daily snapshot backup of your VPS so if mis-configuration happen or server crash down then just click on restore button.

Choose your plan

Servers Locations In USA & Canada: Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Toronto. In UK & Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt. In Asia & Australia: Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

Vesta CP VPS Plan-1


  • 32 GB
    NVMe SSD
    • 1 CPU
      • 1 GB RAM
        • 1 TB B/W
          • Benchmark Score 1100+
            • Free Daily Backup

Vesta CP VPS Plan-2


  • 64 GB
    NVMe SSD
    • 1 CPU
      • 2 GB RAM
        • 2 TB B/W
          • Benchmark Score 1100+
            • Free Daily Backup

Vesta CP VPS Plan-4


  • 256 GB
    NVMe SSD
    • 3 CPU
      • 8 GB RAM
        • 4 TB B/W
          • Benchmark Score 3300+
            • Free Daily Backup

Features VPS control panel


What is Vesta CP VPS?
Vesta CP VPS mean you have pre installed Vesta control panel on your chosen Cent OS, Debian or Ubuntu server.
What about the VPS performance?
Vesta CP VPS comes with guaranteed 3Ghz+ CPU with latest technology's NVMe SSD which is 3x faster than traditional SSD.
What is server up time record?
We have 99.99% up time SLA, generally our up time record is 100%. So you don't have to worry about up time any more.
Do you have money back gurantee?
Yes, we have. If you not like your server let us know within 48 hours of purchase, you will be given full refund. services