Global Linux VPS

High performance virtual private server (VPS) in every corner of the World, 99.9% network up time! Fast SSD drives, Intel Xeon CPUs. Up to 25 locations including Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Oslo, Sofia, Stockholm, Zurich, Vancouver, Montreal, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and more!

Global Linux VPS 512MB


  • 10 GB SSD
    • 1 CPU
      • 512 MB RAM
        • 500 TB B/W
          • Instant Activation

Global Linux VPS 2GB 2C


  • 40 GB SSD
    • 2 CPU
      • 2 GB RAM
        • 2 TB B/W
          • Instant Activation

Global Linux VPS 3GB 3C


  • 60 GB SSD
    • 3 CPU
      • 3 GB RAM
        • 3 TB B/W
          • Instant Activation VPS control panel
VPS Control Panel

Advanced Control Panel

What I can do with's advanced VPS control panel?

  • Power on/off,
  • Rebuild or change OS,
  • Taking snapshot,
  • Manage backups,
  • Manage IPs,
  • Access server with VNC console,
  • Manage RDNS.

Built for reliability

Our services are focused on up time, speed and security, so not worry for server downtime again.

Global data centers

More than 25 data centers around the world , 8 in USA, up to 16 in Europe, Asia & Australia.

Control Panel

Advanced Control Panel with VNC Console, Power on/off and RDNS setup.

Cloud Infrastructure

All virtual private servers deployed in enterprise grade cloud Infrastructure. You can upgrade or scale without changing servers. services